Hogan The Galvanized Chadonnay 2018 Case


41% of grapes from Elandskloof, 37% Polkadraai and 23% Banghoek. Th nose shows lemon, a hint of vanilla and intriguing reductive notes– think struck match but also play dough! Good fruit concentration matched by a lovely line of acidity before a long, gently savoury finish. Low in alcohol at 12.5% but not too severe, this has plenty of detail.

Editor’s rating: 94/100.



Each bottle of wine should contain the unique story of its vintage.

For us, making wine right now in South Africa, is about being part of a revolution that is changing the ideals of winemaking.  It is shifting the emphasis back to the farmers and the small-scale wine producers, who in their separation of laudable vineyards and attention to small batches of wine, are able to showcase the best South Africa has to offer.

We feel wine should be a history lesson of what the vine has experienced over the year, whether good or bad.  No year is ever the same.  Our wines are never going to be consistent.  We don’t want to make wine to a recipe; we want to make natural, site-specific, vintage driven wines.

We’ve selected vineyards suited in terms of climate and soil to the varietals we make.  We’ve looked for older vines which tell the story of the vintage through their well-established root systems, gnarled trunks and lower yields.



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